A great day out!

The 2018 Gresford Billy Cart Derby and Easter Fair was a resounding success. With perfect weather and record entries more carts than ever headed down East Gresford’s Park Street on Easter Saturday. The large crowd enjoyed the excitement of the day with a colourful and amazingly complex range of billy carts lining up on the starting grid.

As always there were plenty of extras with a great range of food, markets and stalls offering a variety of products and great fun events including Gresford’s famous Dummy Spitting and Ponypat lotto and Gumboot throwing competitions.

Thank you to all our visitors, volunteers and competitors who helped make the day great.
See you all on Easter Saturday, 20 April 2019! We already have some great new events in the pipeline to make next year’s 20th anniversary event the best ever.

We are always looking for additional help to run this event so if you are interested contact Graham Murphy.

 Results for 2018 Gresford Billy Cart Derby
Grand Champion: Emily Cooper (Time: 22.780)
Tag Team Winners: Pac Team
Inter Mines Competition: Liddell
Most Unique Cart: Thomas the Tank Engine
Best Pit Crew: Team Liddell

Junior Group Winners
Group 1 Liam Brennan. Time: 22.709
Group 2 Nate Leadley. 26.43
Group 3 Sophie Myer. 25.712
Group 4 Zac Solomon. 22.976
Group 5 Braydon Thornton. 27.65
Group 7 Harry Uren. 27.091
Group 6 Emily Cooper. 22.922
Group 8 Campbell Martin. 23.648
Group 9 Campbell Evans. 23.646
Group 10 Lachlan Foster. 23.295
Group 11 Riley Solomon. 27.586
Senior Group Results
Group 1 Harrison Crase. Time: 23.889
Group 2 Paul Brennan. 22.563 (Overall Fastest time)
Group 3 Aaron Johnson. 24.495
Group 4 Maddison Smith. 22.932
Group 5 Jason Rampling. 22.762
Group 6 Rebecca Smith. 23.047
Group 7 Anthony May. 22.712
Group 8 Dominique Daly. 22.762
Group 9 Cameron Williams. 24.218
Group 10 Neil Murphy. 25.702


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    Safety gear must be supplied and worn by drivers or there will be no racing.

    Gresford Billy Cart DerbyMarch 31st, 2018
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